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Wastewater & Effluent Testing

Wastewater & Effluent Testing

Microlabs offer a comprehensive range of wastewater and effluent testing services for commercial clients.

We provide analytical testing for water and waste waters in our chemical Laboratory.

We have the technology available to carry out a variety of tests to comply with EU drinking water regulations.

This includes the use of IC, GC, voltammetry, AAS and ICP systems.

We also test for bacterial contamination in groundwater, surface water and group water systems.










Oils, Fats & Grease


Suspended Solids

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Well Water Testing

The drinking water from private wells is at risk of contamination. Most homeowners assume their supply is pure because it originates from groundwater.

It is estimated that up to 30% of private wells could be contaminated with e. coli.

It is in the homeowner’s interest to have their drinking water tested. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that homeowners have their well water tested at least once a year to identify any bacterial contamination.

Storms and heavy rain can increase the likelihood of contamination so it is advised to have your water tested during the winter months in particular.

We analyse your water sample in our laboratory and provide you with an accurate and detailed analysis of your water.

We will offer advice on the steps to take in the case of contamination.

Call us on 042 9746653 for more information on our environmental testing and monitoring services.