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Drinking Water Analysis

Drinking Water Analysis

Microlabs offer drinking water sampling and analysis services to residential clients throughout Ireland.

Bacterial contamination in drinking water can be extremely dangerous.

We carry out in-depth water testing in our laboratory and provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings.

Our CLAS accredited laboratory is equipped with the technology to detect a wide range of bacteria and pathogens that may be present in your water supply.

If contamination is found, we will advise you on the most suitable treatment.

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Why Test your drinking water?

The presence of bacteria in drinking water can be detrimental to your health. Water contaminated with bacteria or pathogenic organisms can cause gastrointestinal problems and other illnesses.

Bacterial contamination in your water supply can only be detected by carrying out a test.

If your water supply comes from a private well, it is important to have your water tested regularly. If you are buying a new home it is a good idea to test the drinking water supply to ensure that it is clean and safe.

You should also consider having your water tested if you notice any of the following;

  • Frequent incidents of gastrointestinal illness
  • Discoloured or cloudy water
  • Unpleasant taste or odour from water
  • Water residue on kitchen appliances
  • Appliances working less efficiently
  • Plumbing showing signs of erosion

If you would like some more information on our independent water testing services, call us today on 042 9746653